How to NOT Respond to Hair Loss

If you simply research hair loss online, you are bound to find thousands of articles and blog posts that tell you the best methods to respond to your hair loss with. While this is beyond important information, you should definitely keep reading to learn more about what NOT to do if you notice you’re losing more hair than usual. You never know when this information could end up helping you or a loved one!

Don’t Ignore It

Absolutely do not ignore your hair loss, even if it seems normal. While it may simply be due to natural causes, hair loss can sometimes be due to underlying health conditions. It is important to have it checked out so that you can distinguish normal hair loss from abnormal hair loss. Getting an opinion from an expert is always worth the trip to the doctor’s office.

Don’t Go Overboard

It may seem like a good idea to attack the hair loss head-on by trying out a slew of different products and treatments, but it is important to try one at a time to see if it works.

This way, if you have an adverse reaction to treatment, you can distinguish which treatment is causing you issues. Plus, the overstimulation of your hair may actually cause your hair to fall out even more, and nobody wants that.

Don’t Rule out the Unconventional

Many people are leaving more traditional solutions to hair loss, such as pills or hair transplants, in the past and instead choosing to opt for more unconventional methods, like scalp micropigmentation.

Companies like Hairline Ink provide scalp micropigmentation treatments that tattoo on pigments to someone’s hairline to fill in any patches of missing hair. This process is painless, and more importantly quick, so it may be more beneficial for some.