Thinking of Fight Speeding Ticket? 3 Reasons You Should Do It

It’s not a good time to be caught speeding. With the increased enforcement of traffic laws, you could get a ticket for going just five miles over the speed limit. What makes matters worse is that there are harsh penalties if you don’t fight your Speeding Ticket, and it goes on your record. But before you decide whether or not to contest your ticket, please read some valuable suggestions given by expert lawyers from Hart Powell, S.C., about why fighting a Speeding Ticket can help avoid harsh penalties.

1) Harsher penalties:

The state of Wisconsin has strict laws for speeding and other traffic violations. If you get caught doing more than nine miles over the speed limit, your fine can be double what it would ordinarily cost if you didn’t contest a Speeding Ticket in court. Also, when ticketed with this offense, careless driving or reckless driving can be added to your charge; this adds another $200 fine.

2) Avoid license suspension:

If you get caught nine or more miles over the speed limit, your drivers’ license could be suspended. Also, it can cost $150 to reinstate a revoked license for this offense. Your license may be taken away if you have other traffic violations on record and are from out of state.

If your license is suspended, you must pay a hefty fee to have it reinstated. If you’re caught driving without a valid driver’s license or if your insurance coverage has lapsed for more than three days, the consequences are even harsher.

3) Minimize car insurance rate hikes:

If you are ticketed for speeding, your auto insurance company may consider it a moving violation and increase your premiums. Also, if you get caught doing more than nine miles over the speed limit, some companies might choose to drop your policy altogether or raise your rates by as much as 20 percent.

Not fighting a Speeding Ticket in court can be a risky business. You could end up paying more or even losing your license if you don’t take the right steps when contesting a speeding ticket. So, think about it carefully and look for a skilled lawyer like Hart Powell, S.C. to help you in this regard.